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Sharps Express Seed Potatoes March 21

Sharps Express Seed Potatoes March 21

Tweaks a given in me head whilst we play catch up with our random diy #growingwiththeflow Joomla learning curve for time

Sharps Express Seed Potatoes March 2021

White Onion Sets 2021

White Onion Sets February 2021

Thought we'd make a start, somehow keeping a random diy record of our whatevers growing wherever it may be

White Onion Sets February 2021

Memory Bump To Myself

Change is always a good thing in me head #growingwiththeflow like we do with the boys in the castle.


Open Source Whatevers

If truth be known...

Me & the boys try and keep things pretty simple in tha castle.

Creating New Joomla Positions

Creating New Joomla Positions

First off, lets state the obvious. We both know we're new here, that be a given. Thought we'd have a look see at creating new joomla positions within our protostar template.

Tweaking Our Joomla Home With The Boys

Tweaking Our Joomla Home

Not that it really matters in me head right now, as we're currently in the process of tweaking our Joomla home page once again. A given that we'll probably continue to make more mistakes over the years, as we wrap our heads round whatever be new with whichever joomla version at any given time.

Creating New CSS File

Creating Our New CSS File

Still early days with our Growing With The Flow Joomla www space and will be the case for time.  So before we try adding any css tweaks to anything.

Scooby Snacks

Removing IDs From Joomla Articles

Random as life is in me head.  We both know it's still real early in the process for me and the boys setting up our Growing With The Flow Joomla www space.

Seed family

Seed Families

Yours truly is really treating our Growing With The Flow www whatevers, as a testing space in me head.  Somehow over time, me and the boys intend to continue to wrap our heads round Joomla more & more as the random moons casually pass on by over the castle.

Yin & Yang

Running Jump With Joomla For Our Future Ungrowns

So we're tweaking our first blank article page @ daft o'clock in the castle as me and the boys, ish make good with our promised running jump with Joomla for our future ungrowns in me head.