Chard April 2021

Chard April 2021

On a roll in my head with the boys in the castle yard, for the now anyways. Patience and time is all we need

Chard April 2021

Sowing Chard Seeds 20th April 2021

Can't see no reason at all, not to carry on with our ongrowing thought process of using seeds we've already collected moons ago in the castle. Casually as we like #growingwiththeflow with our Zero budget

Mary Washington Chard Seeds


If it works for us, don't break it. Sowing White Silver 2 Chard seeds on our diy growing station in the castle yard.

White Silver 2 Chard Seeds sorted

Sometime in the distant future or however long it takes, we'll eventually add a few new images to have a look see how good or bad our seeds are growing