Memory Bump To Myself

Change is always a good thing in me head #growingwiththeflow like we do with the boys in the castle.

Some things we've tried work, whilst others obviously don't.

The fact that things don't work as we initially expected, so doesn't mean our way of thinking is all pete tong.

Without a care in the world, we're moving forward with our random positive thought process and can do whatever attitude. Provided we don't stress the mess in my head.


For time we've been struggling with certain aspects of our diy www space, that didn't quite work.

For sure we're always learning and to be fair most of our diy learning curve casually happens out of the blue as and whenever we'd like to achieve something that we've never done before.

Hitting a brick wall in me head, with our diy skills, generally encourages a change of tack.


Thought we'd change our template and have a look see at what happens in the distant future.

Just maybe, that change may give us a push in a different direction for the next year or so.

We both know life randomly happens out of the blue in the castle and what we thought we were going to do, like purchase a template, was literally put on the back burner as we had to take our big fella to the vets. Way more important to look after me boys health, than spend money on our diy learning curve.


Comfortable with the fact that a change would help us move forward. Tweaked our www space in the hope of casually as we like, keeping a matter of fact diy record of whatever we did whenever.

Our thought process for the now, is to try and keep a record of the seeds we've sown, when and wherever growing on the plot or elsewhere.

Just a memory bump for myself is all. So not a how to or this is what not to do guide.


Time to discover more new mistakes to make, that may help us up our very own diy learning curve with growing with the flow

Dig a Hole & Plant a Seed.

Job Done. Move On.

Travel Safe