Sweet Corn April 2021

Sweet Corn April 2021

Casually updating our diy memory bump process, like sowing Sweet Corn seeds in the castle yard

Sweet Corn April 2021

Sowing Sweet Corn Seeds 20th April 2021

Probably a tad cold right now, this neck of the woods. Then again, the temperature, like a snail, is ish heading in the right direction #growingwiththeflow in the castle yard. May as well make use of our diy growing station and sow a few sweet corn seeds purchased moons ago



Give or take, 20+ Sweet Corn seeds sown. Filled the base of the container with water, patience and time is all we need

Sweet Corn seeds sown and water added to base of container


Just about to put our water filled container with our newly sown Sweet Corn seeds on the radiator in the castle for a week or two

Time to place our container of Sweet Corn seeds on the radiator

Sometime in the distant future or however long it takes, we'll eventually add a few new images to have a look see how good or bad our seeds are growing