White Onion Sets

White Onion Sets February 2021

Thought we'd make a start, somehow keeping a random diy record of our whatevers growing wherever it may be

White Onion Sets February 2021

White Onion Images by Month





Sowing our white onion sets on 1st February 2021



Working with our zero budget, we're in the process of sowing four packets of white onion sets that cost us £4



Our second bed was all good to grow, as we casually make a start spacing out our white onions for 2021



All our beds are ish 2.5 feet wide or 30 inches, give or take a bit. Sowed the white onions in rows of five, spaced so we can weed as and whenever



Give our newly planted white onion sets a bit of a drink and leave well enough alone for time




Friday 7th May 2021, a given it's a damp morning down on the plot. A quick look see at the progress of our white onions is all



Patience and time is all we need and keep on top of the weeding sometime whenever in the distant future


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