Creating New Joomla Positions

Creating New Joomla Positions

First off, lets state the obvious. We both know we're new here, that be a given. Thought we'd have a look see at creating new joomla positions within our protostar template.

We could have saved ourself loads of time and used an alternative template with so many different positions already available.

Where's the fun in that.

We may change our minds in the distant future, but in the meantime. Me and the boys are just taking baby steps up our diy Joomla learning curve.

Decided to use the free Protostar template provided and have a look see at tweaking random whatevers in me head and somewhere in the process possibly learn something new along the way that we can use sometime whenever.

From the research we've done so far, to add however many new position to our protostar template. We need to tweak both the index.php & the templateDetails.xml files.

Once we've eventually got round to naming / adding the new positions. Then, using our custom css file, we can add whatever style that we like to our newly created positions and as and when tings goes go tickey boo. Do what we do & Move On.

Sounds like a plan in me head does that, for sure we won't get everything sorted first time. Probably not even the umpenth time, but that's not really the point right now. Fact is we've jumped and whatever else happens from now on is a bonus.

No Rush, No Pressure & No Meither.

This be just a click see reminder in me head, where to access the whatever files we need for creating new joomla positions for our future ungrowns.

System > Control Panel > Templates (Configeration) > Templates > Protostar Details and Files


System > Control Panel



Control Panel > Templates (Configuration)


 Select the desired template file to modify



Choose the file to tweak



Index file selected



TemplateDetails file selected




Travel Safe