Creating New CSS File

Creating Our New CSS File

Still early days with our Growing With The Flow Joomla www space and will be the case for time.  So before we try adding any css tweaks to anything.

Sorta seemed like a plan in me head, to remind ourselves how we went about creating our new css file.

A custom css file if you will, which as far as we're aware, will not be affected by any changes as and when we update joomla sometime whenever, in the distant future.

There's enough info out there, somewhere should you need to search for it. All we're doing is sharing the random screenshots of the process for ourselves. We're not trying to say we know more than we actually do. Just a random reminder for ourselves how we did whatever in our own headspace, so we can repeat the process as and when we need to.

System > Control Panel

System Control Panel
 Select Templates and the styles of the templates available are shown

From Template Styles


Templates > Select Templates > Click on Protostar Details and Files

Select Templates and choose Protostar


Once clicked on Protostar Details and Files the following, select a file appears so we can customise Protostar.

Click on New File so we can create our new css file.

Click on the new file button


Now that we have clicked on the new file, we have to select css and give our file a name

Time to enter the new file details 

Select the css categeory and create a new file name, in our case we're using user. Then click on the select a file type drop down box.

Enter New File Name


Now select a file type css from the drop down box.

Select File Type Drop Down


Now that we have named our file and the type of file selected, click on the create button

We have now created our blank customisable css file for our future growing with the flow tweaks

Blank New css File 

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