Open Source Whatevers

If truth be known...

Me & the boys try and keep things pretty simple in tha castle.

Tweaks a given for sure, using random open source whatevers, to help us make our way up our diy learning curve.

Point is, if there is one at all.

Is that open source software is available to use, by anyone, for free & that means it's really all down to you, what you learn and that always floats me boats does that.

So whilst we move on with our zero budget open source whatevers and no, we don't really perceive that to be a negative in any way on our learning curve.

Quite the opposite. At times seems like, we've become more productive, with the less brass we have.

Anyways, carrying on with our thought process of achieving more with less.

Thought we may as well share a few links to the open source whatevers we'll be using, when we wrap our heads round sharing our libreoffice calc spreadsheet, sometime whenever.

Operating System: Ubuntu (LTS)



Free Office Suite: Libreoffice



The Free FTP Solution: FileZilla



The Free & Open Source Image Editor: GIMP


In time, as a memory bump for ourselves, we'll be sharing how we created our spreadsheet, in a random attempt to keep track of our #growingwiththeflow journey.

For sure we've shared on Guerrilla Podcasts in the past, nothing wrong with tweaking our thought process here on this space.


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