Tweaking Whatevers

Removing IDs From Joomla Articles

Random as life is in me head.  We both know it's still real early in the process for me and the boys setting up our Growing With The Flow Joomla www space.

A given we'll make so many mistakes & that's totally fine in our book, as we travel or crawl up our never ending diy learning curve.  Baby steps is all for time, as we tweak our whatevers to hopefully get ish somewhere new, sometime whenever.

So in order to try and keep things as simple as we can in the early days of setting up our site. What we wanted to do was to figure out how to remove the article id created by Joomla for all articles.

The thought process seemed sound in me head, as we actually wanted to try and improve our seo for all our future articles early on in the setup process for our site.  Don't get me wrong, we'll make more mistakes along the way but for the now, that so isn't a problem.

Removing ids from our recent Joomla articles was our only objective for the now.

What was currently showing in the browser was the article, preceded by the article id e.g. or

What we wanted to appear in any browser was the article url without the article id e.g. or

So to achive our only objective for the now, of ish improving and maybe helping sometime whenever with our growing with the flow sites future seo overtime, was to access the following article options, within our Joomla admin space.


Content > Articles > Options > Intergration >

Navigate to Intergration


In the Routing Section change the URL Routing from Legacy to Modern

Change the URL Routing from Legacy to Modern


In the remove Remove IDs from URLs section select yes


Then Save & Close

Job Done & Move On

Just for the record and it's something we're on a roll to do in me head sometime sooner than later. Maybe repeat the same process for News Feeds as & when or if we get round to that sometime in our random diy whatever futures.

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