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Running Jump With Joomla For Our Future Ungrowns

So we're tweaking our first blank article page @ daft o'clock in the castle as me and the boys, ish make good with our promised running jump with Joomla for our future ungrowns in me head.

First things first, suppose we've gotta start creating the random content / copywriting (copy) call it what you will, sometime sooner than later.  If truth be known, this is probably the hardest part of the whole process so far for yours truly. At the end of the day, we're doin' what we do Just because... and we both know that we ain't in a race or competition with anyone. Never have been, never will.

As we kick start the process. in me head, we've got more than a few different objectives we'd like to somehow try to achieve over time.  Like actually learning how to setup and start using Joomla.

Hopefully random pennies, just might drop somewhere along the way, as we start growing our seeds and planting whatever down on the allotment / plots, backyard and in the castle garden over time.  Sorta sounded like a plan in my head to start a new growing with the flow web space for our future ungrowns.  As we casually ish follow the principles of organic growing wherever we can, always learning something new along the way.

Another thing we'd like to achieve somewhere along our diy learning curve is to try and create a few recipe pages.  Not sure how that will turn out right now and that so doesn't matter at all.  Point is, 'tis just an acorn of an idea is all.  Tweaks always a given, as we wrap our heads round so many new random diy coding skills with our new Joomla www space.

We may get round to creating a podcast for our new growing with the flow journey, then again we might just stick with Guerrilla Podcast as we haven't created anything new for time.

Either way, no stress & no worries for the now.

So whilst we do what we do and jump, knowing full well we both know that you know more.

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