Seed Family

Seed Families

Yours truly is really treating our Growing With The Flow www whatevers, as a testing space in me head.  Somehow over time, me and the boys intend to continue to wrap our heads round Joomla more & more as the random moons casually pass on by over the castle.

To be fair, that really does make perfect sense to us, as we are newbies at creating the relevant whatevers content that we're trying to create with this 'ere Joomla space.

Not to worry for the now, it's still daft o'clock on a random morning and maybe we've ish got our future thought process sorted somewhere. The practical ins and outs of tweaking everything is still totally new and that really does float me boat right now and yet creates more than a few headaches as we struggle to casually move forward.

At the end of the day, the goal we've set ourselves for time is to ish try and get the bones of whatevers in me head sorted in the next few months or so. In other words, we've got random categories, images and info that work for us. But not the sizes that might be as efective as they should be for some. Now the hard part is somehow getting that whatever info shared in a way that works for me & me boys on this 'ere www space.

So many tweaks a given for sure as we kick start our new diy learning curve over the coming few years.

With regards to the seeds families categories we've decided to go with the family names e.g. Asteraceae, Brassicaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Cucurbitaceae, Ericaceae, Lamiaceae, Legume, Liliaceae, Poaceae, Polygonaceae, Rosaceae, Solanaceae, Umblifer.

Decided to avoid using generic names like vegetables, herbs, fruits etc for a couple of reasons.  Firstly we wanted to wrap our heads round the latin family names, which to be fair we don't really use on a daily basis this neck of tha woods and the main reason for us is that it helps us when it comes to crop rotation down on the allotment / plots.

Knowing what the different seed families are over time will assist us with our organic growing thought process overtime.

For the now.  No Stress & No Worries. 'Tis what it is in me head, as we're just setting up this 'ere space to help us with our ongrowng future ungrowns.

If you do drop by, thank you for your support & patience whilst we do what we do.


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