Tweaking Our Joomla Home With The Boys

Tweaking Our Joomla Home

Not that it really matters in me head right now, as we're currently in the process of tweaking our Joomla home page once again. A given that we'll probably continue to make more mistakes over the years, as we wrap our heads round whatever be new with whichever joomla version at any given time.

What we'd like to do, sooner than later, is eventually get round to sorting out our growing with the flow home page. If truth be known, it's so not a stress in me head at the moment, but long term it will start to get on my nerves. Then again we knew that from day one.

bootstraphomeWhat did we do & why did we do it the way we did.

Well, it wasn't like we were or are in a rush to get any information online, just a random idea from a while back. To keep track of our #growingwiththeflow journey.

To be honest we've already got more than a few images & other stuff from over the years that we may want to share ready for our future whatevers.

In me head, we just needed to sort out the random spaces that float our boat and hopefully we can try and learn something new.

Baby steps up our diy Joomla learning curve is all.

Like sharing how we grew this, that or t'other and the mistakes we made creating this 'ere space and hopefully over the years we'll improve a little as we learn more and more.

That thaought process seems like a plan and still is and yes we both may appreciate that we shouldn't be creating any space without proper planning otherwise piss poor performance is a given.

Never a stress in me head that be.

Move On.

Initially we created a simple landing page using Bootstrap 3 whilst we tested out the new skills we needed to learn.

Then after a while, procrastinating like you do and not really being sure how to achieve anything at all in me head. Me and the boys decide to jump, delete the landing page and have a look see at actually trying to see if we can create our growing with the flow space using Joomla.

homepageapril2020Once we decided to make that leap in me head. The next question was, what do we want on our home page and how do we go about creating the information to make it so.

Not a clue at the time and that's the truth.

We ish knew some of the basic principles of how to do / create whatever in joomla, but it's still early days and so the best way forward was to tweak what we knew would work and let the future look after itself.

So, using bootstrap 2 code, we just tweaked a new module and added that to our home page that include just the three images of our random thought process, Growing, Coding and Sharing and let time pass.

Now we'll be soon in the process of deleteing that initial module and seeing where we go from there in the next few weeks or so.

Patience & Time is all we need.

Fortunately we've got bucket loads of that and in the meantime we've started adding random pages where we'd like information to be shared as and when we get round to sorting it.

In the meantime me and the boys will carry on doin what we do in our own bubble of self and enjoy our expanding hermit diy lifestyle with No stress & No worries 'bout the 1001+ mistakes we make along our growing way.

Sorted & Cheers from me & me boys if you happen to have randomly dropped by for a click see.


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